Pragmatic Children's Nursing


A theory for children and their childhoods

"This is an outstanding text, a pleasure to read, and one that should appeal to pre-registration and postgraduate nursing students alike"

Review in Nursing Children and Young People 28(8)pg15

Why Pragmatic Children's Nursing? Why now?

For the past 30 years or so nurses have relied upon a philosophy of care called family centred care. As an idea this philosophy has been very useful in promoting the need for children to receive nursing care which is different from the nursing care delivered to adults1.

The problem is that repeated research studies have failed to show that nurses actually do family centred care2,3. Nor is there evidence that neither children, nor their families want a "family" focus to nursing care 4,5. In modern times meeting the need of all family members when many families are complex and often fractured seems to be a difficult if not impossible task1. Perhaps the main reason for moving away from family centred care is that it does not allow nurses to focus on children, as it demands the needs of adults are considered and all too often when adults’ needs are the focus of care the child is forgotten6.

Pragmatic Children's Nursing is a new theory designed for children. It is the first attempt to design a nursing theory just for children, not to adapt an adult theory. As the name suggest it uses the concepts and ideas of North American Pragmatists to suggest that there is not one size fits all way to do children's nursing, but many ways that suit a time ,place and cultural spaces.

This website is here to allow a space for people to discuss the ideas, and practices described in and suggested by Pragmatic Children's Nursing 1

Duncan C Randall 2016

updated 05/03/2017